Como Instalar Freedome for Business en un Dispositivo iOS

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            • To install Freedome for Business on your iOS device, your PSB administrator needs to create an APNS certificate for your company first.
            • Log in to your Apple iTunes account with your Apple ID before installing Freedome for Business.
            The installation for Freedome for Business consists of two phases:
            1. Installing the Device Management profile on your iOS device -- this connects your iOS device and the PSB; and
            2. Setting up Freedome for Business on your iOS device.

            Follow these instructions to take Freedome for Business into use:

            PHASE 1: Install the Device Management profile on your iOS device

            1. On your device, open up the installation email sent to you. If you want to read the installation instructions, tap Start Here.
            2. In the email, tap the Install link. This opens up the "Install Profile" window.

              Note: Please make sure that you open the link in Safari, as a 3rd party browsers will not allow you to install a Device Management profile.

            3. Tap Install in the right-hand corner to continue.
            4. Type in the passcode for your phone, if you have one, then tap Install in the "Install Profile" window.
            5. In the "Warning" window, tap Install in the right-hand corner. The Mobile Device Management profile is installed on your device from the PSB.
            6. In the "Remote Management" window, tap Trust to allow your device to be managed remotely via the PSB.
            7. Tap Done. Freedome for Business is pushed to your device. This may take a few minutes.
            8. In the "App Installation" window, tap Install. If you're not signed in to your Apple iTunes account, sign in with your Apple ID when prompted, and tap OK.

              Note: Your Apple iTunes account is not charged.

            Freedome for Business is installed on your device.

            Note: It may take a few minutes to update your subscription on your device.

            PHASE 2: Set up Freedome for Business

            1. Go to the Home screen, and tap the Freedome icon to open up the app. If you want to read the tutorial, tap Start tutorial.
            2. Tap Start using Freedome to set up Freedome.
            3. Tap Accept to agree to Freedome's terms and conditions.
            4. On the ON/OFF toggle in the middle of the screen, tap OFF, so that your protection is turned ON.

            Note: If you face problems with the VPN profile on your device, make sure you have the latest iOS version installed on your iOS device.

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