Como Crear un Certificado Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) para dispositivos IOS

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            To manage Apple (iOS) devices, create a company-specific Apple Push Notification (APN) certificate. You can start the APN certificate creation process through the PSB Portal, and you are required to log in to the Apple Push Notification Certification Portal in order to finish creating the certificate.
            1. Log in to your PSB Portal.
            2. On the left pane, click Account, and go to the APNs certificates tab. All the companies you administrate are listed here. Under each company with a Freedome for Business subscription, there is either the APN certificate information for the company, or a Connect with Apple button.
            3. Click Connect with Apple.


            4. Depending on your role, select the appropriate management option, then click Next. In this tutorial, we select "I am authorized to manage APNs certificate on behalf of my company".


            5. On the Download page, click Download Certificate Signing Request file, and save the Certificate Signing Request file.


            6. Click Next.
            7. On the Create certificate page, click the Apple Push Certificates Portal link to open a new tab and log in to Apple Push Certificates Portal using your Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, click the My Apple ID link to create one.


            8. On the Apple Push Certificates Portal page, click Create a Certificate.


            9. Read and agree to the terms, and click Accept.


            10. Click on Choose File and browse for the Certificate Signing Request file that you created earlier.
            11. Click Upload.


            12. Click Download to download the certificate (*.pem) to be used in the PSB Portal.


            13. Log out of the Apple Pus Certificates Portal and return to PSB Portal Create certificate page, and click Next.
            14. Drag and drop the downloaded certificate (*.pem) into the Upload certificate field.


            15. Click Send. Upon completion, click Done.

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